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Our mission:

Being your single point of contact to serve you in various fields of expertise and advice through an international network of professional, approved and recognized service providers.

Our engagement:

To offer you the guarantee of a legal and professional service of quality by the choice of our suppliers adhering to our quality chart. Assume responsibility and management of the entire process in terms of expertise and advice ordered.

Our skills:

In addition to years of experience in the field and an organized and responsive administrative service, we provide you with selected, qualified and certified civil and judicial service providers according to your needs, from bachelor technicians to civil engineers for a competitive service cost.

We offer a web service 24/24 allowing you to check the progress of our work.

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Real estate


  • Real Estate expertise
  • Evaluation and damages expertise
  • Surveyor: Measurement allowed for urbanization division, boundary layout location status plans as built

Real Estate studies office:

  • Road renewal and other
  • Study and monitoring of sewage works
  • Level A security coordination
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioner
  • Electricity
  • Sanitary
  • Fire prevention
  • Gas detection
  • Lift
  • Anti-intrusion
  • Pressurized air
  • Steam



Evaluation and damages expertise

  • Car – Motorbike – Truck
  • Agricultural machinery – Civil engineering
  • Vessels


  • Old Timer evaluation – Defense and recourse
  • Leaser service
  • Study of accidents between motorized vehicles
  • Research fire origine
  • Advice and quote vehicle for individuals and professionals who are not covered by insurance
  • Mass Disaster Management (Hail)

Studies office

Special technicals:

  • Geothermal
  • Eolian
  • Co-generation
  • Energy recovery



  • Network architecture detection
  • Network architecture evaluation


  • Network architecture design
  • Exceed the limits of IPv4 addresses while protecting your existing network, server, and application investments

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Flohimont – Rue Buisson ponsin, 10
B- 6800 Libramont

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+32 (0)61 210.307


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